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This is where we drink lots of coffee and make sure we're really clear on what clients are trying to create.


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Can you make using an app a pleasure and even your grandma can use it on the first try?


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Can you see what others don't? Can you find the faults with your eyes closed?

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Web Apps 15%
Web Apps
Games 10%
Google Glass 5%
Google Glass

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Appster’s Rapid Agile™ Methodology

Rapid Agile™ is the perfect engagement model for Entrepreneurs or Fast-Growth, Innovative companies, we’re able gather requirements and build a concise product strategy in a way that puts YOU in the driver’s seat and gives you total control of the way you build your product and what it costs.

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Appster is committed to only hiring the best staff. Our hiring process has been featured by International media including New York Times, Fortune and Fast company for only hiring the top 5% of talent. If you’re passionate about solving problems that matter with excellent career opportunities, get in touch!

In the last year I had the opportunity to witness Appster's humongous growth and I am proud to be a part of it. There are thousands of companies that claim they're the "world's fastest growing company" – but at Appster we really are.

Arun Pandey

Game Developer
Here at Appster we transform ideas into reality. I am proud of my journey with this emerging and growing IT company.

Shipra Dhooper

iOS Developer
Appster proves that software developers can have a social life as well. I love to be a part of nascent organisation where every employee is appreciated and vital.

Vikash Soni

iOS Developer
At Appster we develop apps that change the world – and that makes it an amazing place to work.

Arvind Singh

Team Lead
I am very happy to work with Appster. Being here has helped me gain a lot of knowledge and learn about agile trends. I am proud to contribute my skills with a world leading company.

Rajesh Sharma

Senior Android Developer
The best part of working at Appster is the growth you experience when you're pushed to the limits. The benefit of working with a startup is that there are no boundaries to what you can do and the value you can add. It is very fulfilling to realise that I am doing my part in adding to Appster's growth.

Rajat Bhalla

Agile Coach and Senior Project Manager
Appster? My second home, My Big family! I spend a lot of time here chilling coding researching new stuff all the time with people around supporting and encouraging me. I am a proud Appsterfarian :)

Pankaj Sharma

Android Artist
Appster is the fastest, most iterative business I've ever experienced. This train is going places... get onboard! Toot Toot!!

Vince De Stefano

Head of Global Sales
It's a Roller Coaster of fun and seriousness, a la Startup, with every client ... and I love it!


Growth Strategist
We are what we do at Appster, we are innovators and enablers of awesome thoughts. 

Thomas Szmidel

Growth Strategist
I live and breath Appster!

Dane Matheson

Product Strategist
Appster has one of the most unique business models of any company I've worked for. There aren't any game companies where an outsider can think of the idea and pitch it, and find someone to make it for them. Thus, this is very challenging yet incredibly rewarding work.

Julian Cram

Product Manager